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Ford 2016 Calendar

This calendar contains the Ford 2016 Company holidays.

Welcome to the Salaried Retiree Page. In this section of @Ford Online you can find information of interest to Ford Salary Retirees.


Ford Motor Company has placed a moratorium on stock option exercises from 4:00 pm EST on December 09, 2014, until 9:00 am EST January 2, 2015.  This moratorium is due to year-end tax processing requirements prior to Ford's U.S. holiday break.  You may continue to sell any vested RSU shares during this time.

Please note that any pending limit orders will be cancelled due to the blackout. If you wish to re-instate your limit orders you may do so starting January 2, 2015.

If you have any questions regarding this moratorium, please e-mail incencom@ford.com

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